Why DentaCad?

What benefits You Gain

Using our technology your practice is equipped with a powerful diagnostic tool!

•AI’s higher effectiveness and efficiency will allow radiologists/dentists to perform more value-added tasks, becoming more visible to patients and playing a vital role in multidisciplinary clinical teams.

•AI systems look at specific labeled structures and learn how to extract image features either visible or invisible to the human eye. This methodology mimics human analytical cognition, allowing for better performance than that obtained with old CASR and CADIA software.

•AI applications may improve the reproducibility of technical protocols, improve image quality, decrease radiation dose, decrease imaging time, and optimize staffing and X-ray console utilization, reducing costs.

•These applications will streamline and accelerate dentist’s work, resulting in an average higher technical quality of examinations.

•AI assists the dentist in higher-order knowledge integration with the experience of thousands of medical procedures that a single person would not be able to integrate alone.